Corporate Social Responsibilities of CAAMN

As an institute founded by a patriot, CAAMN has some corporate social responsibilities towards the nation and its people. The training institute is still in a growing phase, however, it has never shown back towards its corporate social responsibilities.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, CAAMN has adopted Two Villages; Village Donthi & Village Maqdoompur situated in Shivampet Mandal, Medak District, and is providing support to these villages and their residents by providing civic amenities, medical aid, and generous donations.

Activities & Highlights

Here are some activities and highlights are undertaken by CAAMN:

  1. Entire Street Lighting of both the Villages - Donthi & Maqdoompur
  2. Medical & Health Camps
  3. Swachh Bharat Campaign
  4. Tree Plantation Drives 
  5. Blood Donation Camps
  6. Providing Financial Aid for Education of Underprivileged Students
  7. Providing Financial Aid for Marriages of Underprivileged Brides, etc.
  8. Distribution of Ration and Financial assistance to the needy during COVID 19.